Hall Of Fame
Ronnie Cheng

Got distinguish result in PET Exam for a child just reaches 8 years old? She made it!

Ronnie has obtained a perfect score of 15 shields in Flyers when she was only seven. She took another ten months to make a big successful jump to PET level when she reached her 8th birthday. Ronnie has also obtained a distinction in Upper Intermediate level of London Tests of English and Grade 6 of Trinity GESE Exam. She has also been assessed as High Distinction in UNSW Educational Assessment Australia which means her English level ranks the top one percent among the population of HK Primary education. Ronnie’s next target is FCE and we all believe that she can fulfill the examination requirements with ease. Ronnie is a fast reader and loves to learn more about science, history, geography and world culture. Amazing work, Ronnie!

Sharon Chau

From Maryknoll to DGS, Sharon is a student who enjoys challenges and sees learning English at Graceful Hands her greatest enjoyment. Her all-rounded English ability is her passport for entering any good school in Hong Kong as an insert student.

Sharon has obtained her perfect score in Camridge KET level when she just entered P.3. PET level will be her next target in this year. Sharon also ranks in top one percent among the population of HK Primary education in UNSW Educational Assessment Australia in both papers of English usage and English writing.

Sharon joined Graceful Hands when she was two. GRADE-JUMPING happened to her few times and she went through the process with great confidence. She loves to read with tones that people are so impressed to know her talents. Good job, Sharon!

Samuel Wu

Samuel joined our family when he was a toddler. He studies in Pui Ching Primary School and he adapted really well in this new phrase of education. His English academic level is well-known at school. Adhere to the same way we raise our students, we will equipped Samuel for the challenging future. He has developed an amazing ability in his English usage skill. He loves reading and is definitely a super speller. It is hard for anyone to find a word that makes him puzzle! Well done, Samuel!

Public Examination Achievement

Cambridge – PET Level
Name School Grade Result
Chung C Ma Tau Chung Government Primary School P5 Pass with Merit
Donnie Wan Kowloon Tong School P5 Distinction
Julian T St Francis of Assisi's College P6 Pass with Merit
Ronnie C Diocesan Preparatory School P3 Pass with Merit
Chong S Y Kowloon Tong School P6 Pass with Merit
Cambridge – KET Level
Name School Grade Result
Fiona C Yaumati Catholic Primary School P3 Pass with Merit
Cambridge – YLE Level
Name Title School Grade Result
Ronnie C Flyers Diocesan Preparatory School P2 15 shields
Chiu Y L Flyers Diocesan Preparatory School P4 15 shields
Record shall be updated in April and October of every year.