Mark (3 years old) joined the AEM English Builder Level 1 course at Graceful Hands in January 2014. After his weekly lessons, Mark always says to me "Mama, I just went to a party!". Hence I know that he is very happy at Graceful Hands. Nowadays, when I talk to him in English e.g. say the word Monday, he replies "M". He is getting a very good grasp of phonics. – Mark's Parent
Christopher 已在 Graceful Hands 就讀了四個月,在最近一次學校考試Christopher得到了99分的佳績。甚至班主任都認同他在英文運用上的信心提升了不少。因為在 Graceful Hands 的全方位英文課程學習上得到了有信心,所以他的閱讀和寫作能力都隨之而慢慢進步起來。再無需老師和家人強迫學習了。作為媽媽,每天只負責跟進他所做的家課,至於溫習測驗及考試,Christopher 都會自己主動做而不需我去粗心。 – Christopher's Parent
Natalie(9 years old) has been studying the AEM English Master Level 2 program at Graceful Hands for 5 months. During this time, her confidence in English has gone up. Her exam results are now 90% and above.She has also developed a liking for English and reads more English books and watches English movies with subtitles. – Natalie's parent
Andreas has been extremely happy going to Graceful Hands, he absolutely loves it... he even misses it on off days! One of the things I like most about Graceful Hands is that they are always open to feedback and suggestions. The program is not static, it's always growing, evolving and improving because the center has good insight to the needs of their little students and is able to foresee the outcomes of implementing productive changes. – Andreas' Parent
I just want to say that our son has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Graceful Hands. He says it is his favorite place to be and asks on a daily basis if it is a Graceful Hands day. This has brought great relief for my husband and I after seeing him be so upset about going to the other learning centers and now he is so excited and loves to talk about what he did at Graceful Hands and about the teachers that he has met. – Cirus' paren
It is almost a year since Mavis enrolled in English Builder. We are impressed by her progress. Mavis has acquired valuable skills such as how to communicate in English with her classmates and friends. She also learned how to control her emotions, is not more independent and cooperative. She is performing well in kindergarten and is outstanding in English subject. We totally agree to the assessment and observations made by teachers of Graceful Hands. We thank Graceful Hands for providing such nurturing environment for our kids – Maymay's parent
Our son has been extremely happy going to Graceful Hands, he absolutely loves it... he even misses it on the weekends. Marissa and Claire are fabulous teachers. They are wonderful with the children and with the parents as well. One of the things I like most about them is that they are always open to feedback and suggestions. The programs is not static, it's always changing, growing and improving because the teachers have good insights to the needs of their little students and are able to foresee the outcomes of implementing productive changes. Marissa and Claire have fostered an environment of genuine care and respect for the children, you can tell they love what they do and it shoes in the smiles of the kids they teach! I cannot say enough good things about them and in so doing the school as we. – Nathan's parent
I really appreciate the structured and comprehensive English learning curriculum of Graceful Hands. My son started learning there since he was 4. This September, he has promoted to Primary 1, as he studied in a Chinese kindergarten I was a bit worried about whether he could catch up with the English study in Primary One or not. Surprisingly, he got Grade A in all school assessments and he completed almost all school assignments by himself. One time in examining his homework, I was surprised he could explain different words to me and that delighted me very much! Thank you, the teaching team of Graceful Hands. – Nick's Parent
Akons 已在 Graceful Hands 參加 Creative Writing 課程半年了,作為媽媽的我,觀察到他的寫作技巧真的提升了不少。例如寫作時的思考時間明顯縮短了,創意亦比之前增加了許多。除此之外,我亦不難發現到 Graceful Hands 的老師是充滿愛心和責任感,願意為學生付出,而教學內容又能配合學生的程度而且生動有趣。 – Akons' Parent
Karson started to attend Graceful Hands as a toddler and after 5 years of attending English lessons at the center, Karson became an active and confident child when using English. Lessons taught at Graceful Hands gave him a strong foundation. Since the lessons taught at Graceful Hands are more advanced than the school’s syllabus, he is now the top student in his school with distinguishing grades. Karson does not have to spend much time reviewing to succeed on school exams, freeing time to develop other interests. I think the Reading Scheme has helped Karson develop a good habit of reading and at the same time to gain a sound knowledge through books. Not only am I pleased to see the success of my son, but most importantly, Karson is very happy to study at Graceful Hands. – Karson’s parent
In short, there are too many exemplary outcomes that I do not know where to begin. I believe that the resourceful system adheres to the needs of students and the advanced lesson plans has given Veniece a head start in her education. Not only is she one of the top students in her class but Veniece’s English language ability is quite obvious when compared to children of her age. Veniece’s remarkable dictation and spelling ability has left me in awe! As a mother, not only I am very proud to see the prime academic growth of my child but also the beaming confidence she has when she uses the language. Veniece really enjoys reading in her spare time and the Reading Scheme has provided an excellent guideline for us parents when shopping for books suitable for her level. – Veniece’s parent
Going to Graceful Hands was my daughter’s first experience of care outside our home. Her experience there was so nurturing and stimulating that the transition to Kindergarten was smooth and exciting. She learned the nature of working and sharing with other children and how to communicate her needs. I feel grateful for the wonderful care my daughter received from the staff of Graceful Hands. My daughter loves the colorful teaching materials. – Josie’s parent